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  • Salman Khan’s Birthday Special

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  • The Best Web Hosting Company – The Competition Killer (Hostgator) & Also how to get yourself a website.

    We encounter hundreds of websites daily and it also gets us to thinking if should have one too. It was the earlier times when getting a website online was a rocket science thing! For some, it is even now.

    No it is not, now a days we do not need to have the coding skills to code a website and then manually create all the pages required for SEO, all the XML pages, Robots.txt, httaccess and what not. Now it is really simple to create a website. You have two major options as a non coder, WordPress or WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) Drag and drop kind of website builders which I personally wouldn’t recommend (You’ll get to know why)

    First off, what you shouldn’t go with.

    The market leader in the WYSIWYG kind of Drag and Drop website is, yes, WIX.

    wix kupanzone

    I personally am a Non Coder and Was really happy with all the features wix was giving me. All the beautiful Displays, Images, Buttons, Links, Fonts, Pages, SEO etc. I finished my website and was really happy, but it was terribly slow! They told me that once you buy the premium pack, it will catch speed, but in vain.

    I exchanged a bunch of tickets with them thinking that they would help me get it fast and responsive, but they did not give a damn. It was a big decision for me to move on, but I did and lead myself to the world of WordPress and fast hosting.

    So, why you shouldn’t go with Wix or Any other WYSIWYG websites:-

    • Terribly Slow
    • Poor After Sale Service
    • Lags Google Integration
    • Did I mention they are terribly Slow?

    What you should go with!

    Another aspect for a non-coder to make his/her website is the world of WordPress. People think it is hard to use and is less flexible, but personally it came out very easy for me. You have hundreds of thousands of templates to choose for your niche. Once you are done selecting the right template, you can have the particular features that you want to, with the help of the Plugins that are available.

    Wordpress Kupanzone Review

    WordPress literally connects your website to the Internet. You can watch many videos on YouTube regarding how to use it and its functionality or you can simply take this Udemy course for mastering wordpress here.

    This was about getting to build your website, but we have missed out on the essence of the topic, Where you should get your website hosted and Who is the Best Web Hosting Company Online.

    I selected three – four companies based on their ratings online talked to them, took their subscription and tested them thoroughly. Here is my Review for the one’s that I can suggest you guys with.

    • Bluehost – Bluehost is for most a really nice deal, the prices comes out to be dirt cheap, they have a good server up time and a good support, though not the best. I just didn’t like their after sales service and cutomer support. It is a good experience altogether. I would rate them 7/10.

              Bluehost Link:
              Coupon Code: LAUNCH

    • Hostgator –  Finally we get down to business, Hostgator, often know as the Competition Killer wins the title for the Best Web Hosting. They have narrowed the business down to three plans 
    1. Hatchling for the ones who wants to have a single website
    2. Baby plan for the ones who wants to have multiple websites under a single pack.
    3. Business plan that comes with all you can think of or desire.

    I would personally recommend you to have a baby plan for your website so that you can host as many websites you want to, you get unlimited disk space, unlimited e-mails, maximum up time & More.

    Hostgator, best web hosting Kupanzone

    What I really liked was the after sales service, they give you a whopping amount of time for  Money back guarantee (45 Days). They have toll free numbers where you can clear off any kind of doubts that you have in your mind. They get you superb integration for WordPress, Joomla, Woo-commerce for your website designing.

    At last, it boils down to Hostgator. It is all that you want to have, it is super charged with speed, awesome customer support, brilliant packages and amazing offers as well.

                Hostgator Link:
                Coupon Code: HGDELIGHT

    Here is a video for the same if you’re too boored to read.

    Best Website Hosting, Competition killer, Kupanzone

    If you have any questions feel free to comment below.


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  • Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal Shopping trick to get almost any product on Flat 10% discount:-

    We all have shopped from these three major players online and yet almost all the times the discount coupons did not work or were expired. Although I am sure you did not use Kupanzone, the best coupons website to give out working and exclusive coupons! (Mental Note – Use Kupanzone the next time you shop online! 😉 )

    Okay! So let us get down to the Infamous trick. But first of all: –

    • Can this trick be used for the products that are just released? -Yes!
    • For the newest iPhone 7 that is just released, even for that? -Yes!
    • and For the… -Yes for all the questions you are having in your mind! -Yes!

    This trick is 100% tested and is doable for all the products that are available online!

    So what is the trick? – Gift Cards! ~TadadaGiftcard trick from kupanzoneDid you ever gave it a try?

    Recently I was off to Pre-Book the iPhone 7 and it was For Rs.60,000, but we need discount doesn’t matter if we can afford an iPhone 7! Right?

    iPhone 7 - Kupanzone

    But I Couldn’t find a single coupon that would work for it.

    So Bleh! Whatever, I will Still Buy it.

    So as I proceeded, I noticed a way with which we can actually get discount. Here.Amazon Gift Cards - Kupanzone

    and then as soon as I got this option, I clicked it and went off to find the coupons for it. I was pretty amazed that there were couple of working coupons on

    Gift Card Coupon - Kupanzone

    So you can get Rs.200 off on Rs 1000 and So on! Nice! Isnt’ it! For Coupon Code, Go Here*

    So that was It guys, this way I got the Latest iPhone 7 for 10% off.

    Links For the iPhone 7 and gift cards are here:-

    Thank you For Reading! Do tell me in the comments How it worked for you! All the best.

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